• Structural 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive for Filling and Replacing Wood.
  • Fills, repairs and replaces missing wood, permanently
  • Use Indoors and outdoors
  • Use on both structural and decorative substrates
  • Repair windows, sills, thresholds, doors, frames, shutters, columns, posts, balusters, floors, furniture, sculptures, artwork, and more
  • Bond or bridge separated sections of wood
  • Fill and patch substrates other than wood including ceramics, stucco, concrete, and most rigid surfaces

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WoodEpox is a shrink-free epoxy putty and bonds permanently to most surfaces. It is chemical, heat, insect and weather resistant. WoodEpox is lightweight, has a no-slump consistency, is dimensionally stable and can be used in any thickness or shape. WoodEpox is free of any water or solvents which eliminates shrinkage and enhances adhesion. It is low odor and produces virtually zero VOCs, making it safe for use in any environment. It can be applied almost anywhere including vertical and over-head applications. WoodEpox is easy to mix, apply and finish. Its finished properties mimic new wood. It can be: painted, stained, drilled, carved, sawed, nailed, planed, sanded, and routed, just like wood. It is compatible with both hand and power tools. WoodEpox can be tinted with colored pigments and can be thinned with LiquidWood® as needed.


1:1 mixing ratio. Combine equal volumes of parts A and B until completely mixed and a uniform color is achieved. Pot life: approximately 20 minutes. Hardens within one to two hours depending on temperature and other environmental factors. 100% epoxy solids. Waterproof. Coverage: 231 cubic inches per gallon. Beige, lightweight, non-slumping, epoxy putty adhesive. Apply by (gloved) hand or with a putty knife or trowel. Application temperature range: 50-90° F. 100% compatible with LiquidWood.

Technical Data Sheet

WoodEpox® Technical Data

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